Pete Skimming

Pete Martin is a writer, director, adman, sometime skimmer.

Ah, the Mars Bar at the bottom of 2nd Avenue in the heat of a New York summer noon. Really quite far from Loch Lomond as the sun sets in Scottish spring.

Skimming, I find, is a bit like creativity. It felt so easy when you were younger. But now, all the best stones have been thrown into the loch already, surely?
And, you know, compared to the smooth, rounded, perfect disk-shaped pebbles of my boyhood, chucking small unkempt rocks to plummet without a single Bomber Harris bounce into the dark, all-forgetting waters does not fill the heart with joy. Is the material to hand at fault? Or have you simply lost your touch?

Like the loch itself, this space is simply somewhere deep and dark to chuck the unpolished chunks of my mental precipitations.

‘Allo. Hypocrite lecteur, mon semblable, mon frere.