Hue and Cry

Just finished the first of a couple of pop promos for Scottish pop legends Hue and Cry. A strangely prescient slab of 70s Stevie Wonder-style funk from Pat Kane and his bro Greg.

Great fun working with two great musicians – tho Pat is at pains to point out that he ‘famously can’t play an instrument’. No, he’s just a great singer. As JB the DoP – director of photography – said, it was spine-tingling to be six feet away from Pat as he’s belting it out.

Hue and Cry are doing a charity gig at Edinburgh’s Hard Rock Cafe for the Caron Keating Foundation on October 15th. Tickets here. Only £10 – bargain.) My pal Shona saw them live recently in Aberdeen and said they were awesome. (The boys are also supporting the legendary Al Green in Glasgow on October 30th. Tickets here.)

The track – headin’ for a fall’ – should be dedicated to all those over-confident, ‘big swinging dicks’ in the financial markets.* (The promo will be available to view, exclusively I believe, on the band’s Music Club website here.)

(Lehmans were actually one of our clients in New York in 2003/2004. It’s odd, but any time I’ve ever come across clients whose decision-making seems founded on arrogance and idiocy – delusions of competence combined with an unpleasant self-regard for their own ill-founded opinions – I’ve usually felt it’s been stupidity masking cupidity. I’ve always thought ‘One day they’ll get theirs’. Not necessarily wishing them ill, (though sometimes that too) but more generally just thinking that the ‘truth will, like murder, out’.

And the weird thing is, they always do seem to get found out. (Sometimes it just takes a bit of time and it’s too late. But what the hey…)