Albert Watson: In the kingdom of the blind, the one-eyed man is King

Albert Watson (Scottish photographer now based in the New York) held a show in Edinburgh this year. Probably the best – no definitely best photography exhibition I’ve ever seen. Sumptuous, massive prints. All kinds of stuff. He’s only got one eye, but what an eye. There’s also a sublime selection of shots here.

The Albert Watson show was on at the same time as a Robert Mapplethorpe show (New York photographer/controversialist) and a Harry Benson retrospective (Scottish news snapper also based in New York) and it was easily 2:0 to Scotland. Especially interesting to compare Benson vs Mapplethorpe on their shots of Truman Capote. One the truth: the tough litte effeminate man, honestly caught off-guard at his Long Island retreat by a friend. The other, a lie: staged with artifice for deceptive effect like, IMHO, most of Mapplethorpe’s work. Watson is a better craftsman; Benson a better, more honest, man.